An important anniversary: 1969-2019. 50 years of a well-established working activity of Centro Nautico Il Porticciolo Castelletto Ticino.
The benchmark for the passionates of the nautical world, which has been handed down from father to daughter, up to the third generation with Mariagrazia’s grown kids, Carlotta and Enrico. Enrico, for the celebration of the anniversary, has wanted to recall the grandparents and the family’s activity by saying this:

‘This is a great thrill for me recalling the commitment and the passion that my grandfather, Attilio Donati, passed on to my mother, Mariagrazia, and later to me, his grandson Enrico.
Since the 60’s, Attilio was already the owner of Nautica FERAM in Milan, representing one of the pioneers of the spread of nautical market in Milan and its hinterland, trader of well-known boats and engines, and wholesaler in Italy for the boatyards ALOA MARINE, KIRIÈ, and GILBERT MARINE, he felt the need of establishing a nautical centre near Milan.
In 1972, with the aim of promoting the sailing sport, he established the Circolo Velico Il Porticciolo asd, affiliated with F.I.V. in 1973.

My grandparents, Attilio and Rina were two wonderful and special people, who through the years have dedicated the most of their lives to this activity, with commitment, dedication and spirit of self-sacrifice.

On the occasion of the 50 years of activity, I would like to thank all the people who have collaborated with us and supported our work.

Our gratefulness is dedicated to our Customer, which has always demonstrated trustfulness, respect and kindness towards us.
I thank my mother, who has conveyed me the real values of life, but especially, she taught me to believe in the importance and the value of the work.’