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HONDA is the worldwide leader in developing engines for vehicles and in the power equipment field, it keeps going in full sails ahead of the competitors. Our engines boast over 500 wins in MotoGP and five worldwide qualifications of Formula Uno in a row.

Our research and development activity marked one of the most essential steps for 50 years on, by ASIMO, the most human robot in the world, up to the success of the trial flight of our first ultra-effective and high-speed jet.
Today, Honda puts the same winning renovation into the nautical field, with a wide range of enjoyable RIBS, reliable and easy to drive. For those who love fishing, diving or relaxing on the open sea, Honda offers new and exciting opportunities to realise your own dreams.

The four-cylinder (or 4-strokes) engines offer more than you asked: they are more reliable, clean, quiet and eco-friendly.

They offer a ready and brilliant speed. As the precursor and the major worldwide producer of 4-strokes engines, only Honda Marine has the knowledge to keep your journey safe, giving you the best performance in all its products.
If we are talking about power and couple, Honda spreads them on all engine speed.

The engine is built for giving the best performance without any bargainings, and each Honda's engine will give you full satisfaction both when you're chilling or full-speed navigating on the waves.
In anyways, you will never give up the comfort thanks to the quietness of the non-vibration engine.






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